Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What someone should invent

I have a deep kitchen sink so it takes a few minutes to fill. I often turn the water on then get doing other things. Then suddenly, with a jolt, I remember the water. Good thing there's an overflow to the other sink basin. About a couple of times a month the sink overflows. I'm almost always in the same room, most often doing something on the stove. But because of my hearing, even with aids on, I don't hear the water running.

I've been thinking of what someone could invent to make my life easier. I'd like a tap that I could program to release a certain amount of water and then stop. Or maybe some kind of sensor in the sink that would shut the flow of water.

An overflow device is wonderful, but it wastes so much water and if something plugs the other sink or overflow catchment (such as in a single sink or tub) there's potential for serious water damage.

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mogrenewed said...

Oh I've done that so often. I've even blogged about it
Funnily enough this last time was just before my CI was switched on, so as long as I have my implant on then it shouldnt happen again right??

Glad to have found your blog