Thursday, April 1, 2010

Reminding people when they forget

* paraphrased from Staying in Touch
How we remind people when they forget we have a hearing loss can determine whether they are willing to comply or want to stop communicating with us.

Attitude matters. Tone matters. Body language matters.

If we express anger, irritation or frustration people are more likely to terminate communication. Demanding compliance also will tend to work against us.

Being polite and encouraging will very often result in compliance.

Non verbal unobtrusive methods of reminding people:
  • a hand with palm turned upward and moving up to indicate to the person to speak louder
  • tapping your ear to remind people of your hearing loss
  • beckoning a person with a forefinger to remind them to come closer for so you can hear them

I think the above advice is especially important with family members. Politeness and manners often takes a backseat with the people we are most familiar with.