Saturday, February 27, 2010

My dog ate my hearing aid! :(

Well not the whole hearing aid. She ate the silicone mold and chewed up the BTE. Sigh.

My fault for leaving them in the den, on a side table. I was going to move them before bedtime, but forgot. Thank gosh she didn't eat/chew the other one. But she picked my right aid, that's my best aid. My left ear gets some improvement with the aid, but not much. I rely on my right hearing aid.
I can't remember how long I've had these aids. Has it been over a year? My hope is that they are still covered by insurance. If not, it's going to cost me $1500 to replace it. It's possible that the BTE still works but some of the punctures look deep. 

Why do these things happen on a Friday night? The audiologist's office is closed for the weekend. Sigh.

I'll head over to the audiologist Monday morning and see if the right BTE is a goner. If so, maybe they can switch the left aid over so I can use it in my right ear with a temporary foam sponge mold, while I wait for the new aid to arrive. Sigh.


Megan said...

Yikes! I hope you can get a replacement, or that it still works :(

ms toast burner said...

Oh no!

The manufacturer of my hearing aids will replace my aids once if lost, stolen and I suppose eaten! ;-) I believe that that only applies for the first year but maybe Phontak has a similar policy? and if so, I hope they're younger than a year.

Good luck on Monday. :-)

Steve said...

What is it with dogs and hearing aids? I think they like the smell of ear wax or something!

Hope you get these sorted out.


HOH Canadian said...

All sorted as of today. Went in this morning for a quick fitting of my new aid. I'm good to go.